Package Deals

Day Rates

GuestFee in US $
Hunter 1×1$ 290 per person
Hunter 2×1$ 250 per person
Non Hunter$ 150 per person
Children under 12Free
Arrival and departure days per person$ 150 per person

Day Rates Include:

  • Services of a Professional Hunter
  • Services of skinner, tracker and camp staff
  • Field preparation of trophies (skinning and salting)
  • Accommodation, catering, cleaning and laundry during the contracted period of the safari
  • Hunting licenses and permits (excluding CITES and Dangerous Game Permits)
  • Use of hunting vehicle
  • Light refreshments including local beers and wine in moderation
  • Pick up and drop off included for a maximum of 3 clients. Please confirm with us about additional charges for larger groups.
  • Transportation of raw trophies to a local Taxidermist – A Rate will apply when chosen Taxidermist is in a province other than where the hunt took place.

Day Rates Exclude:

  • Trophy fees of animals taken or wounded
  • Air travel, accommodation and travel charges incurred before and after the contracted period of the Safari. This includes overnight accommodation near O.R.Tambo International Airport after arriving on your international flight or prior to departure
  • Hire of rifles and ammunition
  • Disinfection, packing, forwarding and insurance of trophies to port of exit from South Africa and the shipment of trophies from port of exit to yourself
  • Taxidermist charges (rates available on request)
  • Additional tours
  • Personal, Medical and Travel Insurance
  • Alcoholic beverages (please specify preferences prior to departure and we will stock accordingly as far as reasonably possible)

Trophy Fees

Fee in US $
Eastern Cape
Fee in US $
Northern Cape
Fee in US $
Wildebeest (Blue)$1000$1000$850
Wildebeest (Black)Not available$1200$1000
Bushbuck$1200$850Not available
Bush Pig (baited)$750$750Not available
Baboon$150Not availableNot available
Duiker (Blue)Not available$1200Not available
Duiker (Grey)$400$350$300
Grysbok (Cape)Not available$1000Not available
Giraffe$3000Not availableNot available
Klipspringer$1500Not availableNot available
Mountain Reedbuck$1600$950$550
Nyala$3000$3500Not available
Red Hartebeest$1500$1400$1200
Red LechweNot availableNot available$3000
Roan$9500Not available$7500
SpringbokNot available$350$300
Vaal RhebuckNot available$1200$1100
Zebra (Burchell’s)$1500$1500$1200
Zebra (Hartmann’s)Not availableNot available$2500