There are two main categories of hunting we offer, namely rifle and bow hunting. 

Rifle Hunting

  • The 30-06 is the most popular according to statistics and manufacturuers
  • The .375 H&H and the .458 WIN are mostly used for big game hunting
  • The 7mm REM and .270 WIN are popular when hunting large plain’s game (long distance)
  • The .243 WIN, 223 REM and 222 REM are popular when hunting small plain’s game

Besides using a legal calibre for a specific specie, the best calibre remains the weapon which you hunt with the most and have the most confidence in.

Hunting is conducted throughout the year but the majority of hunts are conducted from April,  through into November. Please be sure to book well in advance at Arc Africa Hunting Safaris.

Minimum Requirements:

SpeciesDraw WeightArrow Weight
Small game40 lb400 grain
Medium game70 lb 550 grain
Buffalo, Elephant, Rhino, Hippo80 lb 700 grain
Arrows and arrowheads

Bow or Archery Hunting


Prescribed Equipment:

Only arrows with broad heads may be used, except in the case of birds and hares.
Arrows may be of wood, glass fibre, carbon fibre or aluminium.
Arrowheads may not have barbs or other moving parts. Arrowheads must have at least two cutting edges.
Category 1 and 2 game may be hunted with any fixed or removable arrowhead with a minimum cutting width of 2.8cm.
Category 3 game may only me hunted with a single forged arrowhead with two cutting edges starting at the tip, or with loose,double bladed arrowheads with a carbon/steel rod in the centre with the minimum cutting edge of 2.8cm.

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