Importation of firearms

Persons must be 21 years and older to import rifles. Clients are allowed 2 rifles of different calibers and 1 shotgun per person. No semi- or automatic weapons allowed.
The client must have a gun license or affidavit proving ownership of the firearm.

A letter of invitation from your Outfitter is required on his letterhead. This will be provided as soon as your hunt is booked and confirmed.

The client must submit a motivation letter to the SAPS (South African Police Service) stating why firearms are needed (in this case, to hunt).

All firearms must be declared to Customs before leaving your country of residence and needs to be done well in advance.
A 4457 Customs Declaration Form is required to take your weapons back to the USA.

The client must complete the SAPS 520 form (Application for Temporary Permit) when he arrives at the airport. You will require the serial numbers, model, and caliber of the weapons for this document.

The SAPS will check your documents and stamp the permit which will be valid until the date of departure.

The clients must declare all weapons on arrival at the SAPS office located at the airport to submit SAPS 520 form to obtain SAPS 525 (Temporary Permit).

Click here for a convenient document checklist to ensure all documents you need are on your person before you leave.

Clients must declare all weapons at Customs when leaving South Africa.

It is recommended that all our clients do a pre-permit application for their firearms. For pre-permit applications, please contact us for a referral to possible agencies who will be able to handle the application at a reasonable fee.