Mozambique hunting: Walk through dense bush and claim your trophy


mozambique hunting in mozambique plains game huntingThe hunting in Mozambique is unlike any hunting experience you are likely to have. The animals are fierce, cunning and often elusive. These traits are a part of what makes the African safari such an exhilarating event, it literally brings out the thrill of the chase!

Mozambique is South Africa’s neighbouring coastal country. These two nations share the border, and even some of the land, on which you will find the Kruger National Park. A large part of the country is dedicated to hunting, and here you will find all sorts of animals from antelope to those dangerous animals that make the adventure all the more exciting! Mozambique is filled with hunting opportunities and you too can soon be working your way through the bush, following the tracks of animals.

When you start your research as you plan your hunting in Mozambique with Arc Africa, you will find that Mozambique has a variety of habitats in which animals can be found. The country spreads across an area of around 800 000 square meters, with Lion, Elephant, Buffalo, Nyala, and Sable roaming the vast expanses of game farms and wilderness. You will have a variety of options when it comes to hunting in this country, both plains game hunting safaris and dangerous game safaris are offered.

Hunting in Mozambique: what to expect

The northern regions of the country are considered to be the best areas to hunt. These are the areas which border on Tanzania and Zimbabwe. Dry savannah and dense forest is what you can expect when hunting in these areas. The denser areas can make hunting a little tricky but it really adds onto the overall hunting experience. The thrill of hunting down your prey in this part of the world becomes the kind of challenge that you might just be longing for.

The African hunting adventure is one of the most sought after in the world. Professional hunters can expect a fantastic time hunting in Mozambique with an expert team, offering helpful advice and plenty of experience that can only come from time spent hunting in the African wilderness.

Mozambique is a great country to go buffalo hunting. The herds are abundant in the north and western parts of the country. The buffalo can be dangerous to hunt and require a skilled hunter to take them down. One thing to keep in mind is that the buffalo can be vindictive and retaliate should it be wounded.

Hunting usually begins in a 4×4 vehicle capable of traversing the often damaged roads but once the hunt is in full swing the hunters take off on foot. This method of hunting keeps the hunter more or less unnoticed until they are within shooting range of the animal. This is a good time to mention that before you go on an African safari you need to know your weapon thoroughly. There is no room for errors when you are out there as one missed shot will send the animal running.

Planning a safari hunting safari in Africa, you will find that there are numerous packages, deals and prices for the various trips available. Each hunting safari will have something special, but you are likely to have a certain animal in mind when you choose your safari.

Hunt with Arc Africa

The animals that you will hunt with Arc Africa, whether you are hunting in Botswana, South Africa or Mozambique. Our hunting deals for big game and smaller animals, are reasonably priced and will give you an unforgettable experience. Arc Africa offers quality hunting in Mozambique that will have you excited to get out there and experience Africa at its wildest!

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