Plains game


Africa boasts an array of plains game species, ranging from the majestic and elusive Eland – the largest of the African antelope, to the “tiny ten”.

Based in Limpopo, South Africa – Whatever your preference of target species, we travel to the best areas for each specific specie, if not indigenous to our area.



The South African hunting industry


The hunting industry in South Africa is not without its troubles. Every year the industry experiences renewed criticism. Nevertheless, hunting in South Africa is legal and is usually done responsibly. Each year thousands of hunters visit the country to experience something that they have always wanted to be a part of. When hunters come to South Africa, their hunts are well documented, a hunt is never a hidden activity.


The South African hunting industry provides significant contributions toward the economy, with conservation at the forefront of everyone involved. Hunting might continue to get negative publicity but it is something that goes a long way towards aiding conservation. Hunting keeps the population in check and creates a value system.


African hunting outfitters and companies based in South Africa are governed by strict laws and restrictions that ensure that your hunting trip is legally sanctioned.


Did you know – wild animals currently occupy more land than commercially farmed livestock in South Africa? Many species have been brought back from near extinction through the efforts of the hunting industry, highlighting the importance of this industry and the conservation efforts provided by Hunters and Hunters Dollars.














Additional Information per species

Sharps Grysbok 1″ 3/85″
Blue Duiker 1″ 6/8 4″ 2/8
Damara Dik Dik 2″ 3/87″
Red Duiker2″ 4/8 8″
Suni 3″ 9″
Cape Grysbok 3″ 5″
Klipspringer 4″ 1/810″
Common Duiker 4″ 4/811″
Steenbuck4″ 4/88″
Bushbig 5″ 4/812″
Oribi 5″ 7/8 13″
Mountain Reedbuck 6″ 7/8 11″
Grey Rhebuck 7″ 7/816″
Warthog13″ 29″
Bontebok 14″ 37″
Reedbuck 14″21″
Springbuck 14″30″
Tsesebe 15″ 40″
Bushbuck 15″ 33″
Blesbuck 16″ 4/8 40″
Black Wildebeest 22″ 7/8 72″
Red Hartebeest 23″ 62″
Impala 23″ 5/852″
Roan 27″ 67″
Nyala 27″63″
Waterbuck 28″ 67″
Blue Wildebeest28″ 4/8 70″
Eland 35″77″
Gemsbuck (Oryx) 40″ 81″
Sable 41″7/8 96″
Kudu 53″ 7/8 121″
Elephant 80 lb 90 lb
Buffalo 42″ 101″
Hippo 29″ 7/8 50″
Rhino (White) 28″70″
Crocodile 14 ft 9’7”
Brown Hyenanana
Spotted Hyenanana
African Civitnana
African Wild Catnana
Honey Badgernana
Vervet Monkeynana


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