Win a Cape Buffalo hunt in 2021

Dreams of Hunting a Cape Buffalo? This might just be the opportunity you have been waiting for!


We are offering you an opportunity of winning a 7 day hunting safari, for 1 x Hunter in 2021 or 2022, in Limpopo – South Africa.


Included in the prize

7 nights accommodation

1 Trophy Buffalo bull

$1500 towards your flights to South Africa




How to enter and the details thereof :

  • 200 raffle tickets will be sold at $100 per entry/ticket (Ticket numbers from 001 – 200)
  • To enter, send us an email with the number of tickets you would like to purchase and your preferred ticket number/s (if available). If your preferred numbers aren’t available, we will allocate them on your behalf.
  • You may enter as many times as you wish
  • Once we have received your instructions, we will send you an invoice to be paid into a holding account until the draw has been completed.
  • The closing date for the competition will be on the 31 October, 2020 at 24:00 CAT or earlier, depending on ticket sales
  • An independent, 3rd party will draw the lucky number on the 3rd of November and the lucky winner, informed by email.

What happens if less than the 200 tickets are sold during the allotted time?  You will be reimbursed for the total number of tickets you purchased – this is our guarantee to you!

If an animal is wounded and not recovered, it will be considered, taken. If an opportunity doesn’t present itself and the winner doesn’t take a Buffalo, alternate arrangements will be made to credit the hunter, at a reduced trophy fee. If opportunities do present themselves and are blatantly not taken by the hunter which results in no trophy by the end of the hunt, it would be considered a lost trophy – considered in the same way a wounded animal would be.

Please share this opportunity with family and friends!

African Intro package

African Intro package for 1 x Hunter @ $2980

Included in the package

7 Nights accommodation

1 Blue Wildebeest

1 Impala

1 Warthog


Special offer: Book a hunt to the value of $7000, or more, and receive 2 days accommodation free, for 1 x Hunter.

cape buffalo hunting

For custom package offers, contact us for more information.

  • Experience raw Africa with a highly respected and experienced team.
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Our inclusive, custom African hunting packages are a unique blend of opportunities for you to hunt on the vast African bush veld. From tackling the toughest animals such as the buffalo to tracking and hunting plains game, our tailored hunting packages are ideal for the amateur as well as the seasoned hunter looking for a new challenge. Your hunting experience is as much about the trophy as it is also about spending time out in the quiet of Africa.

To make the experience as unique and enjoyable as possible, we will arrange for your transport as well as your accommodation and your general schedule.

The advantages you can look forward to when booking a hunting safari package
When you are booking a full hunting package, saving money is usually the first, and the greatest advantage, you have. The second advantage is that we try to make sure that no two hunting experiences are exactly the same. We have designed custom hunting packages, each one unique so that you get the hunting experience that you are looking for. Hunting on the great African plains is something that you might only experience once in a lifetime; this is part of what makes a unique hunting package the best option for you.

Typical safari schedule:

Day 1 – We collect you, personally, from the airport or from your over night accommodation

On the first day of your hunting safari you will be collected from the airport, or if you are already in the area, we will collect you from your accommodation. After we have you comfortable in the vehicle, we will drive to the concession base camp where the hunt is going to take place. You will be in the company of the professional hunters with whom you will be spending your hunting safari.

Day 2 – This is the first day of the hunt

The day begins with a Light breakfast, to get your strength up for the day ahead, and a chat about the coming hunt. After we have enjoyed a meal, the rifles will be checked to make sure that they are in perfect condition for a safe hunt. The vehicles are then packed and we head out into the field to track down the trophy that you are after.

After a morning spent hunting, we return for brunch or we take a packed lunch out into the field to recuperate after the morning’s activities, relaxing for a while before resuming the hunt in the afternoon. Once the sun begins to set, we will return for drinks and a delicious dinner, discussing the day’s events and sharing stories before retiring for the night.

Day 3 to the end of the safari – The hunt continues

Again we begin the day with a Light breakfast before we check our rifles and hunting equipment and then we head out for another day in the African bush. After an energetic morning spent tracking and hunting, we stop for a quick lunch or we head back to eat a meal. This short break is then followed by another afternoon spent hunting.

In the evening we settle down for a relaxing dinner and a few drinks celebrating the end of a successful hunting trip.

On the final day that you are with us, Invoice to be settled in full and the associated admin completed before leaving for the airport or drop off at your next destination.