The South African Hunting Industry

The South African Hunting Industry

The South African Hunting Industry is not without its troubles. Every year the industry experiences renewed criticism. Still, hunting in South Africa is legal and is usually done responsibly.

Each year thousands of hunters visit the country. On a quest to experience something that they have always wanted to be a part of. When hunters come to South Africa, their hunts are well documented – a hunt is never a hidden activity. The South African hunting industry gives a significant boost to the economy. Most importantly, conservation is at the forefront of everyone involved. Hunting goes a long way towards aiding conservation even though there is so much bad publicity. In spite of the negativity, hunting keeps the population in check and creates a value system. It creates opportunity. Resulting in money – which turns the cogs of conservation.

Strict laws and regulations govern hunting outfitters and companies based in South Africa. These ensure that your hunting trip is legal. 

Did you know – wild animals currently occupy more land than farmed livestock in South Africa? The hunting industry has brought many species back from near extinction. This shows why the hunting industry is so important. It also highlights the conservation efforts provided by Hunters and the money that comes with them.

What is your experience with the South African Hunting Industry? How do you feel the Hunting Industry aids in conservation?

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