Hunting in Mozambique

Hunting in Mozambique

Mozambique is South Africa’s neighbouring coastal country with a warm tropical climate. These two nations share the border, and even some of the land, on which you will find the Kruger National Park. A large part of the country is dedicated to hunting. Their government makes great use of sustainable utilization. This is a method of conservation by applying strategic hunting. Here you will find a large variety of species from the smallest to the dangerous game, making the adventure all the more exciting! There are also Sable everywhere. Wild hunting opportunities fill Mozambique because of its diverse and plentiful populations. Hunting Mozambique for crocodiles can be a real challenge for the marksman, it is one of the few hunts that can be legally done at night. You have to do most hunts in daylight by law!

What to expect while hunting in Mozambique

The northern regions of the country are the best areas to hunt. These are the areas that border Tanzania and Zimbabwe. Dry Savannah and dense forest are what you can expect when hunting in these areas. Because of the climate, the animals tend to be bigger, making them impressive trophies. Expect longer drives to get to your hunting destination, through vast wild open areas.

The African hunting adventure is one of the most sought-after in the world. Hunters can expect a fantastic time hunting in Mozambique with an expert team. They offer helpful advice and plenty of experience that can only come from time spent hunting in the African wilderness.

If you are a great lover of nature, hunting, and adventure Mozambique is phenomenal.

Maybe you’ll even spot a leopard..?

Hunting in Mozambique
Hunting the mighty crocodile

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