Hunting the Nyala

Hunting the Nyala

If you hunt for looks then this is one of the most beautiful bucks out there. Is hunting the Nyala o your list of dream trophies?

The Nyala has interesting markings and spiraled horns making a real eye-catching trophy. Stripes, gorgeous whites blacks, and browns with spots of white on its face and lower section. More often than not, lighter legs as if they were wearing golden socks. The Nyala is an antelope and is between a bushbuck and a kudu in size. A fun fact about the Nyala is that the females are called ewes while the males are called bulls, which just shows how difficult it was to classify them between larger or smaller species of antelope. The bull sand ewes are quite vastly different from each other in looks and size. The males and females also differ in their food preference, the males opt for higher woody snacks while the females prefer ground lever shrubbery and foliage. You’ll find them near some watering holes at least once daily however they can be quite elusive on the hunt.

A rarity that will be a prize in your trophy room.

Will you be hunting the Nyala next?

The beautiful Nyala

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